Gelatine Capsules

Gelatine Capsules

We manufacture a large range of gelatine based hard shell capsules in a range of sizes and weights. Weight range will usually be from around 250mg through to 1,000mg. We offer hard gelatin capsules, soft gelatine capsules, vegetarian gelatin capsules and more.

With most of our clients preferring their products to be made into capsules, we offer a large range of the most common type, which are gelatine capsules. Composition of hard gelatin capsule shell capsules can vary dependant on specific customer needs, available in a range of sizes and weights depending on the product, though the weight range is usually from around 250mg through to 1,000mg.

We have the ability to produce around 200,000 capsules an hour. We are able to deliver this using a combination of semi-automatic (smaller-run sizes) and fully automatic encapsulators. Depending on your specifications, we can use either naturally coloured or artificially coloured gelatine capsules to best reflect your brand and product range. In addition, with the larger run sizes it is possible to print or embed your brand name or logo onto each capsule, making them even more bespoke to you. After manufacturing, each gelatine capsule is de-dusted and polished to ensure excellent presentation for your customer.

As with all our products, you can choose how we supply them to you. You may wish to have your gelatine capsules supplied in bulk. In which case, they usually come in boxes of 15,000 capsules. Alternatively, we can offer labelled bottles with the count of your choice.