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Rain Nutrience is a BRC Issue 8 accredited, UK-based food manufacturing company, offering full-service solutions for dietary supplements, lifestyle-based nutritionally balanced meals, bulk powder filling and nutraceuticals products. We have extensive experience in production of both organic products and clean-label manufacturing.

We are committed to solving issues and delivering success for our clients. If you are an e-commerce brand owner looking to introduce innovative new products into a rapidly evolving marketplace, collaborating with us will give you a competitive edge. Operating in accordance with BRCGS Global Standards and GMP, our proven quality service and state-of-the-art MATCON system means we can be trusted to consistently meet your brand’s requirements, order after order.

By choosing to collaborate with Rain you gain a partner who is committed, passionate and responsive.

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"Rain Nutrience were our first manufacturer when we launched our new range. We wanted a partner who could help us develop the best-in-class formulas for our customers and their hugely knowledgeable, friendly and responsive team enabled us to do that with the highest quality ingredients. Highly recommended."

"We have had a brilliant relationship with Rain Nutrience for a number of years now, first discovering them when business was a lot smaller and we needed a company that was flexible and could cater to our needs with smaller MOQ’s and production runs. Rain Nutrience have been a fantastic partner and has been a huge factor in recent growth over the years. The friendly team is always happy to assist with NPD, procurement and always manage to find a solution for any problems."

"I love your company, it seems there is excellence at every step, at any level no matter who we work with on your side."

"I have worked with Rain Nutrience for a number of years now. They have expanded rapidly during that time and that's no surprise. They are excellent to work with and I consider them an integral part of the smooth operation and growth of my business. Excellent service and an absolutely fantastic team of professionals. As someone who grew up in Devon and has lived here most of her life, it’s fantastic to see this level of industry professionalism, knowledge and service in this beautiful county of ours."