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Pet Supplements & Pet Nutrition

With over 12 million (44%) of UK households owning pets, it’s estimated that there are around 51 million companion animals in the UK – a figure that’s seems ever-increasing.

As consumers pay greater attention to pet health and more is understood about the animal biology, pet-specific nutrition is truly coming into the fore – with personalised pet food, nutritional supplements and specialist diets all seeing an increase year-on-year. We are even seeing ‘human’ trends finding their way into pet food – with trends such as paleo, raw, organic, functional food, named origin of protein and even provenance finding their way into the pet aisle.

Pet Supplements & Pet Nutrition Manufacturer

As a flexible and experienced manufacturer, Rain Nutrience are well positioned to provide a huge array of sub-assembly blends, including dry food blending, for the pet food sector, working closely with pet food and pet supplement manufacturers alike. With over 15 years of experience, we operate at the cutting edge of technology to help you ensure that your shoppers' beloved ‘man’s best friend’ is eating as well as is possible.



We have the capacity to offer a comprehensive range of tablets, including vitamin tablets, in differing shapes and sizes, combining both flexibility and scale.

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With over two decades’ experience in hard capsule shell manufacturing, vegan and gelatine, we are the first name to call if you’re in need of capsules for supplements.

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Powder Blending

With considerable in house capacity and ability for blending formulations we can offer our customers high flexibility in their requirements.

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