Blister Packaging

Recent investment in Blister Packaging technology at Rain Nutrience sees our portfolio of packaging styles expand to include Blister Packaging. Whilst blister packaging is commonly used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, blister packing offers a great packaging option for nutraceuticals and contract customers too. 

Benefits of Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is primarily designed to support the packing of Nutraceutical Healthcare products that are available in a solid dose format, such as tablets and capsules. Blister packaging portions out solid doses into an easy to understand and safe format to help ensure consumers to not consume too much product in one dose. 

Blister packaging equipment develops high quality packaging by creating a cavity made from aluminium foil PTP (Press Through Pack) and plastic PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). This ensure supports product freshness by providing protection against oxygen, moisture, and contamination.

Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging

Our offering includes:

  • Size 0 capsules
  • Size 00 capsules
  • Size 00el capsules
  • Additional tooling and dimensions are available on request.




Our Process

Renowned for upholding the highest standards of product efficacy and unwavering manufacturing excellence nobody delivers better value than us. Our cutting-edge MATCON system allows us to cater to both startups and multinational corporations seamlessly.

Our Accreditations

We showcase our technological prowess and embody the pinnacle of industry ability. Our GMP Certification demonstrates our commitment to safety and quality, within impeccably hygienic and controlled environments. Our certifications extend across esteemed bodies such as The Soil Association Organic Standard, Sedex, Informed Sport, KLBDD – Kosher, FDA, RIBUS, Rainforest Alliance, and HFA Halal Food Authority.

We offer a Bespoke Service

We offer a flexible and adaptable service that can accommodate your product's entire lifecycle or contribute to the steps of process. Whether you are seeking concept development, enhancement of existing formulations, or a competitive edge in functional and flavoured beverages, we should be your foremost choice.


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