Nutraceuticals Manufacturing for E-commerce


Full-service Manufacturing & Packaging Services for E-commerce 

At Rain Nutrience, our business has evolved to primarily focus on:

  • E-commerce brands
  • Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) and 
  • 3rd party E-retailers

How we support your E-commerce Business

We understand and appreciate the specific product and service requirements of D2C, e-commerce brands especially those offering a subscription-based model for vitamin supplementsdry powder mixes or sports protein.

We appreciate the customer business model, of many of the brands that we partner with, is reliant upon recurring sales. Customer retention is paramount and those recurring sales are key to the brands ongoing profitability.

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Our Clients

We are fortunate to have partnered with some of the fastest growing start-up e-commerce nutrition brands in the UK. The requirements of engaging with a fast growth business are constantly changing as the business scales rapidly. There is a need to maintain operational agility whilst maintaining quality but also delivering a constantly iterating finished product as the brand continues to grow. Responsiveness is key.

The customer experience for each of the brands that we work with is unique and there is not a one size fits all approach. The business and our team take a great deal of pride, commitment and passion in working with our customers to create and realise a bespoke customer product experience that will allow them to scale their business and solidify a relationship that is rooted in brand and product confidence.

Many of our existing customers and target customers are marketeers by background and we understand the importance of attention to detail at the concept stage. It is of equal importance in our aspect of the partnership that we provide a comprehensive manufacturing education as well as an education about the industry in general, elements of which they may be unaware. We view these collaborative steps as the most rewarding part of the process.