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Spices and Seasonings

It’s been a feature of UK grocery in recent years that consumers are increasingly taking an interest in cooking from scratch at home and increasingly trying new flavours and cuisines. The latest data shows that some 92% of consumers use seasonings, 84% herbs and spices, and 23% use specific herb/spice blends.

Dry Food Blending

As with all dried mixes for the food industry, blending and mixing is vital. Whether small-scale mixing or blending multiple ingredients in high volume, it’s important to use a consistent, experienced partner.

At Rain Nutrience Ltd, our state-of-the-art MATCON system provides high quality, and we combine that with our experience and our passion for these products.



We have the capacity to offer a comprehensive range of tablets, including vitamin tablets, in differing shapes and sizes, combining both flexibility and scale.

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With over two decades’ experience in hard capsule shell manufacturing, vegan and gelatine, we are the first name to call if you’re in need of capsules for supplements.

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Powder Blending

With considerable in house capacity and ability for blending formulations we can offer our customers high flexibility in their requirements.

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