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Sports Nutrition

No longer a category encompassing strictly bodybuilders and avid gym goers, the Sports Nutrition category once operated largely online and only in specialist retailers and shops. With high-protein, sport-optimised products now found in every retailer and store formats from hypermarkets to petrol stations, it’s safe to say the category is now mainstream.

Health is now at the forefront of consumers’ minds – they are more active than ever, with gym and sports club memberships growing year-on-year. This, coupled with a greater widespread awareness of the important role nutrition plays in athletic performance, weight-control and body maintenance, has led to the rapid growth in nutritional supplement industry trends.

Nutritional supplement & vitamin contract manufacturing

As with any category growing so rapidly, the market is rapidly becoming saturated – with products becoming merely ‘average’ and quality slipping in favour of mass-production. At Rain Nutrience Ltd, we offer the quality, innovation, attention to detail and bespoke features of a small manufacturer – but with high levels of flexibility and the ability to produce extremely high volumes to optimise the value equation to meet your nutritional supplement & vitamin contract manufacturing needs.

Our experience lies not just in protein powder formulation and manufacture, but with a huge range of sport and performance nutrition supplements. These can be powders, capsules, tablets, or even sub-assembly blends for onward manufacture. We work with a wide range of different companies, including plant-based protein manufacturers and plant-based supplement manufacturers alike.

As a highly experienced manufacturer, we have grown ‘with’ the Sports Nutrition category – and thus understand it’s nuances and complexities inside out. We combine our high level of experience, dedicated team and innovation skills with our cutting edge technology – this truly makes us the number one choice for sports nutrition.

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We have the capacity to offer a comprehensive range of tablets, including vitamin tablets, in differing shapes and sizes, combining both flexibility and scale.

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With over two decades’ experience in hard capsule shell manufacturing, vegan and gelatine, we are the first name to call if you’re in need of capsules for supplements.

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Powder Blending

With considerable in house capacity and ability for blending formulations we can offer our customers high flexibility in their requirements.

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