Powder Blending

Powder Blending

At Rain Nutrience we are undisputed experts in powder blending. We utilise state of the art MATCON IBC blending systems designed to move bulk powders and materials hygienically between manufacturing steps and enable the most effective blending of powder available.

Our manufacturing uses a patented cone valve system to deliver powders effectively and contaminant free to the filling lines whilst facilitating flow and eliminating non-value-added activity. This is a modular system enabling fast and responsive increases in capacity and product development to match our customer’s needs.

To underpin our expertise in this field, our manufacturing systems use tumble blending system technology which is fast and efficient and superior in quality to other types of blenders. Our manufacturing system is easy to clean and has low hold up volumes leading to higher yielding quality products.

The process systems we have in place ensure quality and consistency of dietary supplement blends to serve our various markets, all the way from functional and flavoured powder ready to drink to encapsulated Nutraceuticals.

With considerable in-house capacity and ability for blending formulations, unlike many powder blending companies, at Rain Nutrience Ltd we can offer our customers high flexibility in their requirements.

Dry Powder Blending Solutions

Our powder blending services mean we can offer a range of packaging for the formulations including:

  • Pouch filling contract packaging
  • Contract bottling
  • Encapsulation
  • Tubs
  • Bulk boxing services

Additionally, our dry powder blending equipment can be used for nutritional supplement & vitamin contract manufacturing, sports nutrition drinks and meal replacements originating from powdered products, often based on protein powder formulations.

As leading industry specialists in powder blending, our long term heritage within the category means our experience and expertise is second to none.

Throughout MATCON and other state of the art technology systems combined with our powder blending techniques, we are able to ensure consistent quality of blends for onward processing. Our expertly blended powders are then ready to serve a vast range of markets. This form of industrial powder blending provides a contained solution, perfect for allergen control with designated bins to prevent contamination. With control over everything from particle flow, rotation speed and importantly avoiding over-blending, we can provide a sophisticated solution to dry powder and granule blending.

IBC Matcon Powder Blending

Benefits of Matcon blending:

  • Fully contained systems & designated bins for complete allergen control
  • Controlled powder agitation
  • Rotation
  • Blending speed
  • The number of cycles
  • Product inclusions (e.g. confectionery)

Not only does MATCON increase efficiency and flexibility, it also significantly enhances our powder handling capabilities. By eliminating labour intensive activities, MATCON allows for the production of higher quantities of quality blended ingredients. This increased capacity then allows all powder blending to be done in house to ensure consistency and quality at all stages – providing peace of mind and quality reassurance to customers. MATCON also enables us to safely handle a range of allergens allowing customers to have confidence that we can produce safe product at the very best quality.

We are able to produce a wide range of blends:

  • Ready-to-drink powder blends:
    - Flavoured milk
    - Energy drinks
  • Iced teas, RTD Coffees and juices

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Bulk Powder Brochure

To find out more about our product offering for bulk powder and powder blending please download our brochure.


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Contract Packaging (Copacker)

Contract Packaging (Copacker)

For those customers wishing to utilise our skills and contacts, save on the cost of capital and use our economies of scale we offer contract manufacture copacking solutions.

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IBC Blending

IBC Blending

Our state of the art MATCON IBC Blending system increases efficiency and flexibility and significantly enhances our powder handling capabilities.

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Packaging Options

Packaging Options

Beyond industrial powder blending, we have capability for finished-product powder filling for tubs, bottles and pouches.

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Sub Assembly Blending

Sub Assembly Blending

In addition to providing finished products, we are also highly experienced in providing sub-assembly powder blending for onward processing.

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Powder Blending


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We are proud to be market leaders in high tech manufacturing and product innovation and the first point of call for many own label and white label product requirements. Whether you are looking to develop a concept, improve a formulation, or beat a competitor, as market leaders in own label supplement manufacturer, we are equipped to develop your own supplement brand and give you an edge in the marketplace. 

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