IBC Blending

Our MATCON IBC Blending system is state of the art. The system increases efficiency and flexibility and significantly enhances our powder handling capabilities. The MATCON system eliminates labour intensive activities, allowing for the production of higher quantities of quality ingredients for dry powder blending.

Our increased capacity allows all blending to be done in house to ensure consistency and quality at all stages – providing peace of mind and quality reassurance to customers.

It also enables us to safely handle a range of allergens allowing customers to have confidence that we can produce consistently food safe and finished product that conforms to our customer’s specifications.

IBC Blending

IBC blending benefits

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

Flexible batch sizes
Rain can produce batches of up to 700 kg.

Asymmetric Tumble Axis
Ensures no powder hang up, meaning far less waste product

Variable Rotation Speed
Allows customers to achieve the right consistency to suit their recipe needs

IBC wet wash system
Gives 360-degree cleaning capabilities to ensure the quality and safety of every batch

Incorporates existing Auger filler
Offers a wide range of packing capabilities


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