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Perfect for the upcoming summer season, a Pina Colada protein flavour appeals to sweet and tropical taste buds.


Posted on 7th February, 2017, in E-commerce

Protein flavouring

If you’re looking for some protein flavouring ideas that will set your product apart from the competition, look no further than this list of five proven crowd-pleasers that many brands are ignoring. These bespoke flavour options could offer your brand a unique spin on the thriving flavoured protein market, with a wide range of tastes and ingredients to satisfy all.

Cookies & Cream

Beyond chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, Cookies & Cream is one of the most popular flavours out there. It’s surprising, then, that so few producers include this fan favourite in their range. The smooth and slightly salty taste of the dark cookies balances the sweet cream flavour, to create an experience that shines against the often sickly-sweet powders on the market. Some brands opt for the inclusion of small cookie pieces in their protein powder products which has resonated well with customers who feel the hint of indulgence. Suggest that your buyers mix the flavour with almond milk and ice for a shake consistency. You can also consider investing in flavour drops to make your mark on the unflavoured protein powder market.

Lemon Meringue

Light and fruity, this Lemon Meringue protein flavouring option is perfect for selling to the weight loss market. In powder form, it can be used in recipes like cupcakes, offering consumers a healthier way to enjoy their desserts. Refreshing and tangy, the sharpness of lemon nicely offsets a cool, creamy flavour. You would do well to suggest pairing the protein flavour with other fruits like blueberries. If your product can incorporate all the separate flavours of the crust, lemon and cream, it’s a sure crowd pleaser!

Pina Colada

Perfect for the upcoming summer season, a Pina Colada protein flavour appeals to sweet and tropical taste buds. Target the fitness market with this refreshing, light and cooling flavour that uses coconut to counter the overt sweetness of pineapple. For the weight loss and health markets, suggest that the powder is paired with low-fat natural Greek yoghurt, fresh pineapple and mango. Alternatively, consumers can substitute ice cubes with frozen blueberries for an extra health kick.

Cherry Bakewell

When it comes to protein flavouring, it can sometimes seem impossible to come up with something unique. But this protein flavour will surely entice consumers with its originality and boundless potential for luxury. The sweet and savoury combination is known for being filling, which appeals to the weight loss market. If your consumers are looking for a less sweet taste, suggest mixing it with natural yoghurt. This flavour can also be mixed with cocoa powder to add another taste dimension, and extra indulgence can always be added with some chocolate flakes!

Strawberry Cheesecake

Having carried out lots of protein manufacturing and protein flavouring over the years, we know it can be difficult to break into the widely competitive strawberry market. However, with this unique spin on the flavour, brands can appeal to consumers who find the usual strawberry taste too sweet by providing a more gentle flavour that isn’t too overpowering. You can also suggest that consumers mix the flavour with oats for an even less sweet finish.