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A 2017 study demonstrated that using protein supplements could reduce body weight in people that are overweight and obese.


Posted on 20th June, 2019, in Industry News

Millions of people take sports supplements because of the range of health benefits they offer. People who participate in sports and fitness decide to use sports supplements because they enhance muscle growth and energy supply. Sports supplements are also popular for those trying to lose weight, as they can help to control your appetite.

There are many different types of sports supplements which can help to build muscle, repair tissue or produce essential enzymes and hormones. This blog will help you determine which available types are the best sports supplements for you.



Protein powder is one of the most popular sports supplements. As an essential macronutrient, protein powder supports weight loss, muscle growth and tissue repair. A 2017 study demonstrated that using protein supplements could reduce body weight in people that are overweight and obese. Furthermore, other studies have reported that taking protein powder after exercise can improve athletic performance by enhancing muscle synthesis.

There are multiple types of protein powder available. Whey, a water-soluble protein, is widely regarded as the best supplement for athletes as it is easily digestible and a very high proportion of the amino acids are utilised within the body. As a complete protein, whey contains all the amino acids required by the human body. However, soy protein is an excellent alternative to whey for those who are vegan or dairy intolerant. Soy protein also contains a complete set of amino acids. Protein powders are affordable and easy to use, making them one of the most popular sports supplements.


Creatine is another popular supplement used to boost athletic performance and build muscle strength. Supplementing with creatine provides additional energy that will improve your athletic performance during high-intensity exercise. It also helps support many other muscle functions by stimulating processes that increase size and growth. Adding creatine to your supplement regime will have powerful benefits for your health.

Creatine is a naturally-occurring compound found in muscle cells that shares many qualities with amino acids. Supplementing with creatine increases your body’s phosphocreatine stores, consequently helping your body to produce more high-energy molecules such as ATP. As creatine is safe, effective and inexpensive, it is one of the best sports supplements available on the market.


Caffeine is one of the most effective fitness supplements because a single dose can improve physical and mental performance. It affects cells throughout the body, including muscle and brain cells, therefore its effects are varied. For instance, it improves focus and energy by activating areas of the brain and nervous system and it also increases the body’s ability to burn fat via lipolysis. Eventually, caffeine supplements are broken down by the liver, therefore it passes through the body without causing any side effects.

For many athletes, caffeine is a go-to supplement. The US Special Forces are renowned for using caffeine to improve performance and awareness. One study found that 4.45mg/kg of caffeine increased endurance in athletes and that its effects on energy were superior to that of carbs and water. Athletes can supplement with caffeine anhydrous supplements, which are the most beneficial, or by drinking coffee and energy drinks.

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