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What are the Benefits of Sachet Packaging?
Sachet packaging is one of the most popular options for both D2C and E commerce brands.

What are the Benefits of Sachet Packaging?

Posted on 6th March, 2023, in Consumer

Finding the right way to package your product is key to the success of your products, and sachet packaging is one of the most popular options for both D2C and E commerce brands. It is a great 'on the go' option, as well as being for a more eco-friendly packaging style for your business.  In this article, you will discover the various benefits of sachet packaging that fills the needs of the manufacturer, retailer and customer. 

What is the Purpose of Sachet Packaging? 

With a booming focus on remaining active and on the go, a customer wants their supplements in packaging that is portable enough to be chucked in a bag and minimises the amount of space it takes up. They also provide a useful means of pre-measured portions of supplements, so the customer has the correct amount they need. 

What are the Benefits of Sachet Packaging for Business and Consumers?


There are a few benefits to using sachet-styled packaging for businesses and retailers. Firstly, they have a more efficient shelf-space design. This is due to their slimline design which allows more to be placed on a shelf. Compared to vessel like bottles and boxes, sachets are also much easier to transport, and many more can fit into a box. This ensures that higher numbers can be transported safely, and also reduces the amount of outer packaging needed for transportation.  

Easily customisable 

Sachets can be easily customised to showcase a company’s branding, as well as featuring a range of different seals and opening styles. There is ample space on the sachet to display the product’s nutritional benefits, or a blurb about your business. Sachets are also hugely versatile, and can be used to store a range of products, ranging from seasoning and sauces to cleaning products, cosmetics, and of course, nutritional supplements.  

Long shelf life

For consumables to remain fresher for longer, there are principles that packaging needs to meet. The three fundamentals that sachets provide are: 

  • A dry environment. 
  • An airtight enclosure. 
  • Protection from light and humidity.  

As sachets provide a completely airtight environment, they help to preserve the freshness of the product inside for much longer than other containers.

Environmentally friendly

Usually, pouches and sachets leave a low carbon footprint and due to their lightweight and flexible design. They maximise space during transport, and more and more sachets are being made using recycled and biodegradable materials. Here at Rain, we use sachet packaging that contains 30% recycled PE, which helps to avoid wastage.  

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you would like to find out more about sachet packaging, or our other packaging methods, we would love to hear from you.