Sachet Packaging

At Rain Nutrience, as specialist sachet manufacturers we offer a range sachet/stick packaging solutions. This can be a great 'on the go' option for a more eco-friendly packaging style for your business. This is also a great solution for D2C and Ecommerce brands, as they are very easily transported.

Benefits of sachet packaging

Sachet packaging is a popular packaging solution, owing to the vast range of sizes and shapes available on the market, and the fact that they can be easily transported and are incredibly space efficient. 

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by numerous examples of sachet packaging, from the salt and pepper we put on our chips, to nutritional capsules and protein powders. Sachet packaging offers convenience for the consumer, as the portion sizes are carefully weighed out, which also helps to avoid wastage. Here at Rain, we use sachet packaging that contains 30% recycled PE, which reduces any waste that would be otherwise going to landfill. 



Sachet Packaging

Our offering includes;

  • Deposit weight range is from 0 – 300ml (dependent on product)
  • Sachet Width 30-150mm
  • Sachet Length 30-170mm
  • Fin seal style, back seal
  • Pe material is best, can be paper coated and 30% recycled pe is used
  • Can be packed into any required outer casing from cardboard boxes to plastic tubs
  • Our services include food sachet manufacturing and sachet filling


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