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As a result, melatonin-based supplements are a key trend for 2020, mainly because of multiple studies that ensure consumer confidence in melatonin’s effectiveness. 


Posted on 18th March, 2020, in Industry News

As research into nutraceuticals and the nutritional needs of the body reaches new ground, different trends in vitamins and supplements are dominating the consumer market. For instance, fish oil supplements have remained popular with the general public since scientific research highlighted the numerous benefits of omega 3. 

Although you may be aware of existing trends in vitamins and supplements, you may be unfamiliar with key products that are only just receiving mainstream attention. Here, we take a look at some of the upcoming trends in the vitamins and supplements sector.

Supplement trends 2024



Many supplement companies are under increasing pressure to offer clean label supplements – products that use as few ingredients as possible. As consumers become increasingly concerned with what they put into their body, there is a wider market for supplements that are considered to be healthier, cleaner and more wholesome. 

Before any drug can be sold, it has to pass extensive pre-market tests. However, dietary supplements aren’t required to go through this pre-market approval process. Clean label supplements fill this gap, intending to reduce the consumer’s concerns about potential chemical and industrial contaminants.



Supplements aren’t just for humans anymore. As pet owners become more concerned with the quality of their pet’s food and are increasingly purchasing natural and organic products, it’s no surprise that pet supplements are also popular. Just as certain ingredients become popular in human supplements, they tend to cross over into the pet supplement industry. 

For instance, CBD (cannabidiol) products for pets have now become widely available. With pet supplements becoming popular in 2019, it’s safe to assume that many nutraceutical companies will continue to adopt this vitamin and supplements trend in 2020.



Nutrition is no longer a ‘one size fits all’ movement and personalised nutrition is emerging as a key trend in vitamins and supplements. With the rise of individualised dietary guidelines, genetic testing and wearable technology, personalised nutrition have become more accessible for a wider market. 

At-home testing kits are also growing in popularity, so consumers can access intricate dietary insights within several days. Not only does personalised nutrition meet the rising demand from consumers who are looking for unique products, but it also promises better health than general products.



It’s no secret that many people struggle to get enough sleep, as hectic lifestyles and demanding responsibilities often get in the way. As a result, melatonin-based supplements are a key trend for 2020, mainly because of multiple studies that ensure consumer confidence in melatonin’s effectiveness. 

Change in routine or seasonal time changes can interrupt melatonin production but melatonin supplements can help regulate your cycle.


We hope this dive into current supplement trends has been interesting! 

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